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1st International Workshop on Argumentation for eXplainable AI (ArgXAI)

The workshop proceedings are now available.

In recent years, research on intelligent systems that can explain their inferences and decisions to (human and machine) users has emerged as an important subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this context, the interest in symbolic and hybrid approaches to AI and their ability to facilitate explainable and trustworthy reasoning and decision-making -- often in combination with machine learning algorithms -- is increasing. Computational argumentation is considered a particularly promising paradigm for facilitating explainable AI (XAI). This trend is reflected by the fact that many researchers who study argumentation have started to: Given the substantial interest in these different facets of argumentative XAI, this workshop aims at providing a forum for focused discussions of the recent developments on the topic. The workshop will feature works and discussions on diverse perspectives of argumentative explainability. Specifically, we will cover the formal foundations of explaining argumentative inferences and argumentative properties of explanations, as well as applications of argumentation to facilitate explainability. The event would appeal to the growing part of the core argumentation community that works on explainable argumentation, as well as to applied researchers who intend to use computational argumentation for explainability purposes.

To get an overview of argumentation and XAI, interested researchers may consult Francesca Toni's invited talk about explainable reasoning at KR 2021, as well as the following two survey papers:


Topics include, but are not limited to: