Xuan-Son Vu

Vũ Xuân Sơn

About Me

Hey there, welcome!

I am a Senior Research Engineer of WASP Media & Language Arena funded by WASP, working with Assoc. Prof. Johanna. I received my Ph.D in Privacy-aware Machine Learning under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Lili Jiang and Prof. Erik Elmroth. Previously I have worked with Assis. Prof. Monowar, Prof. Iryna Gurevych on NLP, Prof. Seong-Bae Park on Machine Learning, and Assoc. Prof. Ha-Quang Thuy on Opinion Mining.

Before that, I obtained a M.Sc. degree in the Computer Science Department at School of Computer Sci. and Eng., Kyungpook National University, with focus on NLP and Machine Learning. I also obtained a bachelor's degree from the Department of Information Technology at University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University.

Research Interest

My work has been primarily focused on knowledge - both acquiring knowledge from text, and using structured knowledge to power downstream applications. For the former, I've worked on ontology, information retrieval and natural language processing. For the latter, social knowledge discovery is one of the most exciting applications.

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Here are some of my publications:

You can find some of my project code at my github homepage.


I do enjoy a bit of teaching:

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Room 439, MIT Building, Umeå University
someone@somewhere in which someone is sonvx and somewhere is cs [dot] umu [dot] se