Some presentations

Quality in research

Learning in robotics - a biased overview

Vad är rätt och fel för krigsrobotar?

What is right and wrong for war robots?

photo 3 Terminator ethics - What's right and wrong for battlefields robots?


I am coordinating the H2020 project SOCRATES, with 15 PhD students employed at 7 universities and research organizations.

Patent granted for the Intelligent Rollator: SE 535373

We participated in CROPS, an EU funded FP7 project aiming at developing agricultural robots. and continue the work in SWEEPER, an EU funded H2020 project aiming at developing pepper harvesting robots.

I coordinated the project Intelligent Robotics 2010-2014 INTRO, an EU funded robotics project with members from Israel, Germany, England, France and Belgium.

A concept video for the INTRO project: