Master's students

Here are some proposals if you are interested in doing a Master's project in robotics.

I am/have been supervising the following projects:


Enhancing Forestry Object Detection using Multiple Features (Ahmad Ostovar)

Object localization strategy for a mobile robot using RFID (Lkhagva Chunag)

HapticSurface - A virtual surface with haptic feedback (Anders Bergren)

Semiautonomous search and rescue robots (Kristoffer Cavelin, Peter )

Vehicle simulation (Erik Linder, Ongoing)

Neural Visual Odometry (Jan Rudzki, Ongoing)

Computer Vision for Detection of Trees (Wajid Ali)

Speech Recognition for Robotic Control (Shafkat Kibria)

Specular Reflections and Sensor Models (Jayedur Rashid)

Laser scanning techniques for outdoor localization (Arsalan Siddiqui)

Neural models for odometry and optical flow (Fabian Lagriffoul)

A Matlab interface for the ARIA robot library – with applications (Jonas Borgström)

Association rules for learning robots (Thomas Nyberg)

Association rules for temporal robot learning (Daniel Strand)

Obstacle detection with multiple sensors for a mobile robot (Urban Sandström)

Reinforcement learning for a soccer playing robot (Hans Rönnbäck, ongoing)

Selfsupervised learning for a miniature robot (Fredrik Lindqvist 2003)

Path Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance for a Miniature Robot (Martin Lundgren 2003)

Learning a Miniature Robot behaviours with Genetic Programming (Hans Svedåker, Fredrik Lindborg, 2002)

Simulation for Autonomous Navigation (Ola Ringdahl 2002)

KiKS – is as Khepera Simulator. (Theodor Nilsson 2001)

Autonomous Robots. (Hugo Börjesson 1999)

Teaching a robot to see. (Erik Wainikka 1999)

Distance measuring with a Khepera robot. (Matthias Grimrath 1999)


Technical Indicators – a comparative study. (Fredrik Heselius 2001)

Auto-associative neural networks for financial modeling. (Tomas Emilsson. 2001)

Financial Fraud Detection. (Chamindre Berg 2001)

Technical indicators for stock predictions. (Mikael Christiansson 1999)

Machine Learning:

Genetic algorithms for features weighting (Patrik Norman 2002)


Neurala modeller och simulering av klavträd i Riksskogstaxeringen (Hans Åkesson 1999)

Styrning av kamin med komputationell intelligens. (Andreas Nordgren 2000)

AI in Computer Games (Jonas Norberg, 2002)