Thomas Hellström

PhD students

Ahmad Ostovar is working with object detection in forest environments, using RGD cameras and thermo cameras.

Other crew members

Dr. Suna Bensch specializes in language technology and works with dialogue systems in the SOCRATES project, and with general NLP for social robots. Her PhD investigates parallel grammar formalisms as mathematical models for natural language.

Dr. Ola Ringdahl did his PhD in autonomous forest machines from several perspectives; feasability studies, path tracking algorithms, and path planning/obstacle avoidance. He also works with software architectures for agricultural robots.

Peter Hohnloser made his B.Sc. thesis project in the group and continues to work with ROS development in SWEEPER and is main responsible for development in the Intelligent walker project.

Michele Persiani is PhD student in the SOCRATES project project and works with machine learning for natural language processing for robots.

Maitreyee Tewari is PhD student in the SOCRATES project project and works with dialogue management and natural language processing for robots.

Neha Baranwal is postdoc financed by the Kempe foundation, and works with HRI for robots.


Dr. Benjamin Fonooni wrote his PhD thesis about techniques for context learning with Learning from Demonstration. He used semantic network for knowledge representation and studied how generalization can be achieved by spreading activation mechanisms.

Dr. Erik Billing did his PhD developing algorithms that mimics the way the human brain learns new things. One specific application is learning from demonstration at the sensory-motor level. Erik moved on to a postdoc position at Skövde University

Mostafa Pordel wrote his Licentiate thesis on techniques for object detection image analysis and then moved on to Australia.

Funding Acknowledgement

2016 - 761 k€ European Commission

2014 - 20 k€ Promobilia foundation

2014 - 811 k€ European Commission

2013 - 210 k€ Kamprad foundation

2011 - 22 k€ KSLA

2010 - 11 k€ Innovationsbron

2010 - 782 k€ European Commission

2010 - 10 k€ Swedish savings bank foundations

2010 - 588 k€ European Commission

2007 - 5 k€ Swedish savings bank foundations

2006 - 32 k€ Process-IT

2005 - 400 k€ The Kempe Foundation

2004 -18 k€ Carl Tryggers Foundation

2004 - 25 k€ Alvis Hägglunds

2004 - 29 k€ LKAB

2003 - 20 k€ The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

2003 - 372 k€ VINNOVA

2002 - 300 k€ The Kempe Foundation