I have an Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number  :)


It should be as small as possible.

My Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number is probably not less than 13, which is not very small, but at least I have one!


Erdős number  4

This is how many steps away from Erdös I am in co-authorship:

4 Thomas Hellström - Suna Bensch – co-authors of Understandable Robots: What, Why, and How

3 Suna Bensch - Rudolf J. Freund co-authors of Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications VI

2 Rudolf J. Freund - Solomon Marcus

1 Solomon Marcus - Paul Erdős


Bacon number 4

This is how many steps away from Kevin Bacon I am in movie-making:

4 Thomas Hellström (actor) - I Lapparnas Land (1966) - Gunnel Linde (script writer)

3 Gunnel Linde (script writer/producer) - Den vita stenen (1973) - Ulf Johansson (actor)

2 Ulf Johansson (actor) - Shame (1968) - Liv Ullman

1 Liv Ullman (actor) - The Bay Boy (1984) - Kevin Bacon (actor)


Sabbath number 5

This is how many steps away I am from playing with a member of Black Sabbath:

5 Thomas Hellström (bass) – Kylans Rockorkester - Pelle Henricsson (drums)

4 Pelle Henricsson (producer) – Poison the Well - Chris Hornbrook (drums)

3 Chris Hornbrook (drums) - Dhani Harrison band - Dhani Harrison (vocals, guitar, keyboard)

2 Dhani Harrison (guitar) – Concert to George (2002) - Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitar)

1 Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitar) - Electric Light Orchestra - Bev Bevan (drums i Black Sabbath)