• Assistant Professor, Umeå University
  • Senior Member, ADSLab
  • Leading Cyber Analytics and Learning Group
  • Member, Umeå AI

  • Cyber Analytics and Learning Group [ADSlab]

    Welcome to this Group of Autonomous Distributed Systems Lab, addressing the problems that intersects among security and machine learning, anomaly detection and diagnosis, and AI-enabled distributed systems to adapt with the risk that operates in complex and real-world environments.

    The mission of this dimension is to advance the state-of-the-art of distributed machine learning, anomaly detection, security and privacy, distributed computing for software-defined infrastructures. Currently, we are interested in the following five different problem areas.

    • Machine learning
    • Anomaly detection
    • Security and privacy
    • Edge AI
    • Distributed systems

    Currently, this part of lab consists of eight Ph.D. students and one postdoc, and we are always looking for new excellent aspiring applicants. We welcome master’s and undergraduate students to join our group. If you are at UmU, drop me a line to set up a meeting. If not at UmU, look at our openings and opportunities as vistor/intern.