Ph.Lic. Thesis Outline

My Ph. Lic, has been defended successfully on the 10th of June, 2013. The title of the thesis is " Capacity Scaling for Elastic Compute Clouds". Full thesis available here.  You can watch the defense here. Slides used during the presentation are also available .
The grading committee members were:
- Assoc. Prof. Alexandru Iosup (Discussion leader)
- Prof. Frank Drewes
- Assoc.  Prof. Leonid Freidovich
 .  The thesis consists of an introduction and the following papers:

Paper I:
A. Ali-Eldin, J. Tordsson, and E. Elmroth. An adaptive hybrid elasticity controller for cloud
infrastructures. In: NOMS 2012,  Proceedings of the 13th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium. IEEE, 2012. ( 204-212)

Paper II:
A. Ali-Eldin, M. Kihl, J. Tordsson, and E. Elmroth. Efficient provisioning of bursty scientific workloads on the cloud using adaptive elasticity control. In: ScienceCloud 2012, Proceedings of the 3rd workshop on Scientific Cloud Computing Date, ACM 2012. (31–40)

Paper III (tentative title):
 A. Ali-Eldin, J. Tordsson, E. Elmroth and M. Kihl. Workload Classification for efficient Cloud Infrastructure Elasticity Control, Technical Report, UMINF 13.13, Department of Computing Science, Umea University, Sweden, 2013.

I successfully defended my Ph. Lic on the 10th of June, 2013. A Ph. Lic. is sort of half a PhD. The outline of the thesis is available.

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