Welcome to my personal website

Hello and welcome! I am Abel Souza, a PhD Student in the Distributed Systems Group, within the Department of Computing Science at Umeå University (Sweden).As a graduate student, I am currently doing research in Data Analytics for Resource Management in High Performance (HPC) and cloud computing datacenters.

The main challenges of my research lie on how to efficiently apply predictive analytics and online methods to process and model vast amounts of data in order to holistically understand resource management in datacenters, i.e, how much and what type of resources to allocate, and when and where to deploy them. A timely allocation of the right amount of resources to each application type ensures sufficient capacity, efficient provisioning, and maximizes the Quality-of-Service experienced by users. Some of the techniques I have been using come from Control Theory, Machine Learning, and Reinforcement Learning, besides collaborating in the creation of algorithms aiming same end results.

You can check the publications and/or the projects pages to see what I have been up to. Some recent news and teaching can also be found. For any other question, just ping me at any time.

PhD Thesis

I am about to defend my PhD thesis. For more information about the thesis itself, click here.

Autonomous Resource Management for High Performance Datacenters