Grammatical Picture Generation
A Tree-Based Approach
Frank Drewes

This is the main page of the web site related to the book
Grammatical Picture Generation
A Tree-Based Approach
Series: Texts in Theoretical Computer Science. An EATCS Series 
Author: Frank Drewes
Springer, 17 January 2006
(see also the publication information at Springer).

All kinds of comments are appreciated. In particular, please notify me if you discover some of the many errors that the book certainly contains. Please, send any such comments to


Inappropriately Printed Pictures

In general, I am very happy with the technical quality of the book. However, as the production process made it impossible for me to check whether the pictures would print correctly, a few have not been printed in an optimal manner. Their electronic versions can be seen here.

Examples on CD

Enclosed with the book, there used to be a CD containing the examples of picture generating systems discussed in it, together with the system TREEBAG which is required to execute them, its manual, and all that. As the original printing is out of stock, the book is only printed on demand nowadays, and CSs are somewhat outdated anyway, the relevant parts are made available for download on this page instead.

The CD provided the possibility to run the examples in the book as applets in the web browser without having to install TREEBAG as a stand-alone system. This is not possible anymore, because applets have been disabled by all major browsers in the meantime. Consequently, you will have to unpack the required files on your computer to try out the examples. It should be easy provided that Java runs on your computer, and compared with the applet solution it has the advantage that you can experiment with the examples by changing them.

Getting a Preview of the Examples in the Book

On this page you can get a brief preview of the various examples in the book. Hoovering the mouse over one of the examples will display a small preview image of the type of pictures that particular example generates. You can then use TREEBAG to check out that example in more detail (see below).

Getting Started for Real

If you want to play around with the examples (or create your own), please start by going to the TREEBAG home page and install the system. After that, download the entire collection of examples and unpack it. Finally, launch TREEBAG as described in the manual or the shorter quick intro with the worksheet of your choice. All worksheets are found in individual directories together with the other files constituting the example in question. Unsurprisingly, the worksheets are the files named worksheet (without extension).