Ahmed Ali-Eldin

Department of Computing Science†
UmeŚ University , UmeŚ, Sweden
ahmeda at cs dot umu dot se

(This page is almost obsolete and prehistoric :) ) I am a researcher in the Distributed Systems Research group at UmeŚ University, Sweden. My PhD supervisor was† Erik Elmroth and my co-supervisor was Johan Tordsson. My current research focus is on workloads and datacenter management. Please see my publications for more details.
I am originally from Cairo, Egypt. I did my masters at Nile University under the supervision of Sameh El-Ansary. My M.Sc. was on P2P-assisted cloud storage. I obtained my B.Sc. in Computer and Systems Engineering from Ain-Shams university.† A few years ago, we have started a collaboration with Maria Kihl at Lund University. The collaboration led to a joint paper and some other nice stuff.
I was very lucky to collaborate with a lot of very good researchers during my very short academic life including Salah Aly and Vincent Poor during my masters, Sara SjŲstedt de Luna, Oleg Seleznjev, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Karl-Erik Ňrzťn , and† a lot of people within the OPTIMIS and CACTOS projects during my PhD.
I am/was generously funded by† Cloud Control, CACTOS , eSSence, , OPTIMIS, and the UMIT research lab.
A comprehensive list of my publications can be found here. I am involved in teaching a few courses in the department including a new Operating Systems course that will be offered during fall 2016 and a new Computer Systems Security course, for both of which I am the course responsible. In addition to these, I am involved in the Cloud Computing course, the Distributed Systems course, and the Advanced distributed systems course. If you are a student interested in a thesis project in any of the fields where I do research or teach, do not hesitate to knock on my door. I am sure we will find something that interests both of us.

I am defending my PhD on the 2nd of October, 2015. The outline of the thesis is available.

I successfully defended my Ph. Lic on the 10th of June, 2013. A Ph. Lic. is sort of half a PhD. The outline of the thesis is available.

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