Short CV



Here are some of the projects within Intelligent Robotics that I have been involved in.

SWEEPER - an EU funded H2020 project which is basically an continuation of CROPS.

CROPS - an EU funded FP7 project aiming at developing agricultural robots.

System analysis using discrete event simulation - finding out the profitability of posible future autonomous forest machine systems.

Autonomous Navigation for Forest Machines - a forest machine able to navigate and avoid obstacles autonomously.

NAV2000 - a mobile-robot middleware written in Java.

Simulator in the loop for path planning. A simulator is used to predict collisions forward in time. If a collision is predicted to occur, a path optimization phase is initiated. Variants of the original path is generated and simulated until a feasible path is found.

More information on these and other projects can be found on the Intelligent Robotics page

Last updated: March 09 2015