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Mattias Linde
Department of Computing Science
Mattias Linde
Umeå universitet
Courses I've taken so far:

Computer Science
Data Structures and Algorithms A5p
Programming for Engineers A5p
Orientation about information technology A1p
Object-Oriented Programming Methodology A5p
Fundamentals of Computer Science A5p
Functional Programming A5p
Advanced programming with Java A5p
Problem Solving and Programming in Practice A5p
Object Oriented Programming for Engineers B5p
Human-Computer Interaction B5p
Software engineering B5p
Scientific Computing B5p
Programming Language Concepts B5p
C Programming and UNIX B5p
Practical Internet Security B5p
Computer Architecture C5p
Computer Graphics and Visualization C5p
Parallel Computer Systems C5p
Matrix Computations and Virtual Spaces C5p
Operating systems C5p
Computer Networks C5p
Artificial Intelligence C5p
Distributed Systems C5p
Principles of Database Systems C5p
Analysis of Algorithms C5p
Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Parallel Computer Systems D5p
Virtual Reality D5p
Advanced Data Models and Systems D5p
Grid computing D5p
Visual Interactive Simulation D5p
Single variable analysis 1 A5p
Single variable analysis 2 A5p
Linear algebra A5p
Discrete mathematics A5p
Game Theory A5p
Statistics for Computing Scientists A5p
Laws of nature in Cyberspace A5p
Physics of Sensors A5p
Technology, ethics and environment A5p
Applied physics and electronics
Digital electronics A5p
Computer engineering B5p
Telecommunications B5p
Linux Device Drivers C5p
Philosophy of Science for students in Computing Science A4p

Umeň University
Faculty of Science and Technology
Dept of Computing Science

Department of Computing Science
Umeň University
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