Modesty Blaise Books


    1965 Modesty Blaise
    1966 Sabre-Tooth
    1967 I, Lucifer
    1969 A Taste for Death   (not to be confused with P. D. James')
    1971 The Impossible Virgin
    1972 Pieces of Modesty   (short stories)
    1973 The Silver Mistress
    1976 Last Days in Limbo
    1978 Dragon's Claw
    1981 The Xanadu Talisman
    1982 The Night of Morningstar
    1985 Dead Man's Handle
    1996 Cobra Trap

    1966  Modesty Blaise (starring Monica Vitti)
    2004  My Name is Modesty (starring Alexandra Staden)


    The comic strip started in 1963 in the London Evening Standard, and
    is also carried in 
  The Detroit Free Press (Detroit, USA)
  The Bombay Samachar (Bombay, India)
  The Telegraph (Calcutta, India)
  The West Australian (Perth, Australia)
  Express (Trinidad and Tobago)

I'd appreciate any additions to papers that carry MB.

	Kent Hedlundh and Jim Gillogly