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The PSPSM (Personal Software Process)



The PSP is an approach to help individual software developers to continuously improve their software development performances. By means of controlling and measuring their individual performances software developers learn to Concrete results can be found at the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) PSP Results pages Please check the PSP pages at the SEI for more information on the PSP. Further information on the PSP can for example be found at the PSP Resources Page at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

There are several PSP versions, which are organised hierarchically. In each version some activities are added and/or refined. The simplest version is called PSP0 (the baseline process).

PSP Versions

Please check for details.

Software Development Using PSP

The PSP comprises The PSP process flow is summarised in the figure below:

UPSP Process Flow

For our purposes we have chosen to make a few modifications to the original PSP and defined a new version by taking away a few things from PSP1, but added design and code reviews, which are first introduced in PSP2. We will call this new version UPSP (Umeň's version of the PSP ;-)).

UPSP is supported by PSPToolkit, a tool that was developed in Java at our department ([2], [5]). PSPToolkit automates some of the task of UPSP like time and defect logging and the generation of summary forms. Please check the PSPToolkit User Manual for more information on the tool and its usage.

UPSP Documents

The documents listed below have been adapted from the original PSP documents to match the changes we made. Please note that we do not have a Postmortem Script, since most of the postmortem activities are now automated by means of our tool. On the other hand, we have added a Report Script to emphasize the importance of written communication. We do not provide any detailed form-fill-in instructions for those forms that are filled in or generated by our tool.
It might be useful to have available all documents. The process as a whole might be easier to understand. Furthermore we might even use USPS manually.




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SM PSP (Personal Software Process) is a service mark of the SEI (Software Engineering Institute).
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