Argumentation-based Dialogue Systems for Autonomous Systems and Multiagent Systems (HALF-DAY)



Nieves SŠnchez, Juan Carlos ( UmeŚ University)

Formal argumentation has been revealed as a powerful conceptual tool for exploring the theoretical foundations of reasoning and interaction in autonomous systems and multiagent systems. Different dialogue frameworks have been proposed based on the roots of argumentation. Indeed, considering argumentation roots, the so called Agreement Technologies have been suggested in order to lead with the new requirement of interaction between autonomous systems and multiagent systems.

The aim of the tutorial is to review recent developments on argumentation-based dialogue systems for autonomous systems and multiagent systems.

We will present some formal definition of dialogue frameworks which have been defined in the state of the art of formal argumentation. Moreover, we will illustrate these dialogue frameworks with some applications. In the last part of the tutorial, we aim to highlight the fundamental role of argumentation-based dialogue systems on the oncoming technology such as internet of things, self-driving cars, ambient assistive technology, digital companions, etc.



I am a senior researcher at the Department of Computing Science, UmeŚ University, Sweden. My research goes from theoretical to applied research in the field of Artificial Intelligence with emphasis on knowledge representation and reasoning, mainly using semantic web technology, argumentation theory (e.g. agreement-technologies) and answer set programming (a declarative logic programming approach). I have a PhD in the field of Artificial Intelligence with emphasis on automated reasoning from BarcelonaTech (Universitat PolitŤcnica de Catalunya, Spain). After finishing my PhD, I have been working in different research projects at the EU level and national level in Spain and Sweden. These projects have given me the opportunity of experimenting with different technologies for implementing intelligent systems in domains such as: Wastewater Management, Smart Grid, Electric cars, Medical Diagnosis, Ambient Assisted Living, Telemedicine, Web Services architectures, etc. I have experience defining and implementing decision-making models based on automated reasoning. I have been working in the field of argumentation theory from the theoretical and practical points of view. Indeed, I have been working with real applications of argumentation-based dialogue systems following a multiagent-based approach. I have teaching experience at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.