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PROTEA: Automation of preferential flow analysis in the field using hybrid artificial intelligence methods

Co-supervised by Dr. Aida Bargués Tobella at the and Dr. Esteban Guerrero at the , Umeå, Sweden), and Dr. Tor.G. Vågen, and Dr. Leigh A. Winowiecki (ICRAF).
Contacts: Dr. Aida Bargués Tobella Dr. Esteban Guerrero
Project period:


Purpose and aims

Purpose and aims The main goal of this project is to design and build an artificial intelligence-based tool to automate the detection and characterization of preferential flow in soils using a dataset of images of stained soil profiles. Specifically, the AI-based tool should be able to: 1) recognize and characterize preferential flow pathways, and 2) quantify the degree of preferential flow.

Potential research questions (RQ)

RQ1: What type of visual approach of AI can be used to classify efficiently different types of PF using a limited number of images? RQ2: What AI-based algorithm can be used to automatize the calculation of PF level?

Download the details here: Master thesis proposal