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- typesetting graphs in LaTeX -

Using the links below, you can download a LaTeX2e package for the typesetting of graphs. If you want to use it with the old LaTeX version you can easily adapt it by removing the first lines of the main file graphs.sty, which are special to LaTeX2e. I find it quite useful (and I know people who agree). It's an extension of the picture environment of LaTeX. PostScript \specials are used in order to draw the graphical elements whereas the textual elements use LaTeX. The former implies that it relies on the use of dvips. The most comfortable feature is that you only have to position nodes using coordinates as usual, but don't have to worry too much about placing edges, labels, and so on. There is an English manual and a German one. In addition, i recommend you to have a look at a very useful introduction written by Andreas Bauer which is accessible under

Here is the tar'ed and gzip-compressed archive containing all the files needed. If you have problems using the archive, just download the individual files: (English manual), (German manual), graphs.sty, graphs_config.tex, graphs_ps.tex, and graphs.header

Attention: The file graphs_config.tex contains a path that you will probably have to change in order to make the package run correctly.

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