Frank Drewes

- graph grammar bibliography -

The graph grammar bibliography contains a large number of BIBTeX entries related to the field of graph grammars. You can get

If you need more elaborate access mechanisms, including powerful searching facilities, please have a look at the collection of computer science bibliographies maintained by Alf-Christian Achilles. This impressive collection contains, among many other bibliographies, a copy of the graph grammar bibliography which is updated regularly and can be searched.

In order to keep the bibliography up to date I invite everybody to contribute to it by sending me new entries and completing, correcting, or updating old entries. Old entries will always keep their reference keys. Therefore, for users it should be safe to replace an old copy of the database with a newer version. In any case, gzip'ed copies of old databases are saved in this directory under the name gragra.<date>.gz (where <date> is the date at which the given database was replaced with a new version).

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