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Latin Grammar Aid and Wordlist

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For a program with a larger vocabulary, try William Whitaker's Words.

Look Up Latin Word

Type in the form of the word that you would expect to find in a dictionary or a truncated form of the word (e.g., stem only). If you want help with the ending of a word, type the ending in the space provided. (If you prefer, you may leave this space blank). If your browser cannot handle forms, we have an alternative way of searching. You can also translate English to Latin.

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Latin Wordlist

This is not an exhaustive list, and it is only a list, not a dictionary. The gender and declension of nouns is not provided nor is the conjugation of verbs. For another interactive search form based on this wordlist, try the Latin - English Dictionary. This wordlist, originally designed to help readers of Medieval Latin, contains fewer than 6000 words. If you have a DOS or Windows computer, you can download Words, by William Whitaker, a program with a larger vocabulary.


Latin Grammar Aid

This grammar reference list presently contains two sections: examples of translations for the various uses of several noun cases, and the endings for regular nouns, adjectives, active verbs, and present participles. Later editions will increase this coverage.

Search using the form "*ending". n=noun, a=adjective, v=verb, p=present participle. If you find that the ending is that of a form of the noun or adjective that is unfamiliar to you, turn to the first section for the different uses of the cases.

ablative | accusative | dative | genitive

* | *a | *ae | *am | *amus | *ant | *arum | *as | *at | *ate | *atis

*bam | *bamus | *bant | *bas | *bat | *batis | *bimus | *bis | *bit | *bitis | *bo | *bunt

*e | *ebus | *ei | *em | *emus | *ens | *ent | *ente | *entem | *enti | *entia | *entibus | *entis | *entium | *er | *erim | *erimus | *erint | *eris | *erit | *eritis | *erum | *es | *et | *ete | *etis

*i | *ia | *ibus | *imus | *ior | *iora | *iore | *iorem | *iores | *iori | *ioribus | *ioris | *iroum | *is | *issem | *issemus | *issent | *isses | *isset | *issetis | *it | *ite | *itis | *ius


*o | *ora | *ori | *oribus | *oris | *orum | *os

*re | *rem | *remus | *rent | *res | *ret | *retis | *ri | *ria | *ribus | *ris | *rium

*u | *ua | *ueram | *ueramus | *uerant | *ueras | *uerat | *ueratis | *uerimus | *uerint | *ueris | *uerit | *ueritis | *uero | *uerunt | *ui | *uimus | *uisti | *uistis | *uit | *um | *unt | *us | *uum

Need more help?

Users of this page frequently write to me with questions about how to translate English to Latin or Latin to English. I have done my best to help with such translations, but have found that the email address supplied by the person asking the question often doesn't work.

If you want somebody to help you with Latin translation, perhaps a more fruitful approach would be for you to join the electronic discussion group dedicated to Latin and to ask your question of the experts who participate in it. You can signoff once they have answered your question.

If you have a DOS or Windows computer, you can download Words, a Latin dictionary program by William Whitaker. This program has a much larger vocabulary that our Latin Wordlist, and it, too, offers help with word endings. Similarly, the Latin Parser and Translator by Adam McLean, a Windows program developed in Visual Basic, provides help with Latin vocabulary and grammar.

If you care to learn more about Latin grammar, you will find the online version of Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar useful. For a free Windows program to drill yourself and improve your knowledge of grammar, try Lingua Latina. For other interesting links, see Ludus Sanae Mentis. There you will find links to a good many Latin texts, if you're tired of reading Genesis all the time.

Lynn H. Nelson's original version of Latin Grammar Aid and Latin Wordlist are available via anonymous ftp from the University of Kansas at in the subdirectory called /pub/history/Europe/Medieval/aids

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