Graduate Students of Bo Kågström

Current PhD Students (alphabetic order)

Graduated Doctors (reversed chronological order)

  • Andrii Dmytryshyn (2015) Tools for Structured Matrix Computations: Stratifications and Coupled Sylvester Equations
  • Meiyue Shao (2014 EPFL, co-supervised with Daniel Kressner) Dense and Structured Matrix Computations - the Parallel QR Algorithm and Matrix Exponentials
  • Lars Karlsson (2011) Scheduling of Parallel Matrix Computations and Data Layout Conversion for HPC and Multi-Core Architectures
  • Stefan Johansson (2009) Tools for Control System Design - Stratification of Matrix Pairs and Periodic Riccati Differential Equation Solvers
  • Jeanette Tångrot (2008) Structural Information and Hidden Markov Models for Biological Sequence Analysis
  • Robert Granat (2007) Algorithms and Library Software for Periodic and Parallel Eigenvalue Reordering and Sylvester-Type Matrix Equations with Condition Estimation
  • Claude Lacoursière (2007) Ghosts and Machines: Regularized Variational Methods and Interactive Simulations of Multibodies with Dry Frictionoal Contacts
  • Pedher Johansson (2006) Software Tools for Matrix Canonical Computatins and Web-Based Software Library Environments
  • Isak Jonsson (2003) Recursive Blocked Algorithms, Data Structures, and High-Performance Software for Solving Linear Systems and Matrix Equations
  • Krister Dackland (1999) Design, Modeling, and Evaluation of High-Performance Algorithms for Matrix Factorizations and Matrix Pair Reductions
  • Per Ling (1998) High Performance Linear Algebra Kernels for Advanced Computer Architectures
  • Peter Poromaa (1997) High Performance Computing. Algorithms and Library Software for Sylvester Equations and Certain Eigenvalue Problems with Applications in Condition Estimation
  • Erik Elmroth (1995) Matrix Computations: Factorizing in Parallel and Surfing the Kronecker Structure Hierarchies
  • Anders Barrlund (1991) Numerical Solution of Higher Index Differential/Algebraic Systems

Graduated Licentiates (reversed chronological order)

  • Angelika Schwarz (2019) Towards Efficient Overflow-Free Solvers for Systems of Triangular Type
  • Mahmoud Eljammaly (2018) Identification and Tuning of Algorithmic Parameters in Parallel Matrix Computations: Hessenberg Reduction and Tensor Storage Format Conversion
  • Björn Adlerborn(2016) Parallel Algorithms and Library Software for the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem on Distributed Memory Computer Systems
  • Andrii Dmytryshyn (2014) Symmetric Matrix Pencils: Stratification Theory and Tools
  • Meiyue Shao (2012) Parallel Variants and Library Software for the QR Algorithm and the Computation of the Matrix Exponential of Essentially Nonnegative Matrices
  • Lars Karlsson (2009) Blocked and Scalable Matrix Computations - Packed Cholesky, In-PlaceTranspositions, and Two-Sided Transformations
  • Robert Granat (2005) Contributions to Parallel Algorithms for Sylvester-type Matrix Equations and Periodic Eigenvalue Reordering in Cyclic Matrix Products
  • Stefan Johansson (2005) Stratification of Matrix Pencils in Systems and Control: Theory and Algorithms
  • Jeanette Tångrot (2003) The Use of Structural Information to Improve Biological Sequence Similarity Seraches
  • Mikael Rännar (1999) Algorithm Design for Parallel Matrix Computations Using CONLAB
  • Petter Wiberg (1998) Projections and Surfaces in Numerical Methods for Eigenvalue Problems (now at University of Warwick, UK)
  • Erik Tärnvik (1993) A Tool for Dynamic Load Balancing and its Application on a Combinatorial Optimization Problem
  • Erik Lindström (1993) Parallel Unification Algorithms: From Theory to Practice (member of the research group, Istvan Orci supervisor)
  • Peter Jacobson (1992) The CONcurrent Laboratory: Algorithm Design for and Simulation of Parallel Architectures

Anders Barrlund, Krister Dackland, Erik Elmroth, Per Ling, and Peter Poromaa have also finished a Licentiate Thesis before their PhD Theses (not listed here).

Graduated MSc

Supervision of several MSc students over the years in diverse areas. Below are a selection of MSc Theses listed whose topics are related to the research group activities (reversed chronological order).

Listing to be revised! (Saknar Torkelsson, CONLAB-kompilator mm)

  • Robert Granat (2003) A Parallel ScaLAPACK-style Sylvester Solver
  • Stefan Johansson (2003) Stratifiering av matrispar med tillämpningar inom styr- och reglerteknik (supervised jointly with Erik Elmroth)
  • Andreas Lindkvist (2003) High-performance recursive BLAS kernels for new data formats for QR factorization (supervised by Erik Elmroth)
  • Henriksson André, Jonsson Isak (1998) High-Performance Matrix Multiplication on the IBM SP High Node (supervised jointly with Fred Gustavson and Per Ling)
  • Ivar Holmqvist (1998) Netlink: Software libraries at your fingertips (supervised by Erik Lindström)
  • Gustavsson Olov (1998) Parallell LU-faktorisering på en IBM-SMP nod.
  • Johansson Pedher (1998) StratiGraph - En Java-baserad användaryta för beräkning och presentation av grafer som beskriver hierarkier av Jordan- och Kroneckerstrukturer.
  • Wiberg Petter (1996) A Study of the HR and Extended HR Methods for the Standard Eigenvalue Problem. (Publiceras som UMINF-rapport nr 96.12.)
  • Blidh Pierre (1995) On the Parallelisation of Sparce Cholesky Factorisation using the Multifrontal Method.
  • Malmgren Marleen (1995) On Parallel Conjugate Gradient Algorithms for Solving Large Sparse Linear Systems.
  • Backman Fredrick (1993) DynaGraph: A Tool for Visualizing and Debugging the Performance of Programs Developed using Dynamo.
  • Tärnvik Erik (se UMINF 91.05)
  • Jansson Mikael (1991) Evaluation of a Multigrid Method for Solving the Euler Equations of Two Dimensional Aerodynamic Flow
  • Dackland Krister, Elmroth Erik: Parallella beräkningar på IBM 3090/600E VF: Blockalgoritmer för matrismultiplikation och LU-faktorisering.
  • Eriksson Jerry, Jacobson Peter, Lindström Erik (1988) The CONLAB Environment - A Tool for Developing and Testing of Parallell Algorithms in Numerical Linear Algebra.
  • Barrlund Anders (1985) Numerisk behandling av differentialalgebraiska system.
  • Edstedt Pär, Westin Marie (1981) Interaktiv beräkning av Jordans normal form (JNF) i MATLAB.