Master's Thesis Project

In order to receive my Master of Science in Computing Science and Engineering, I need to finish my curricula with a larger project to confirm my academic skills. Nominally, the common Master's Thesis should take 20 working weeks but practically, they tend to be somewhat extended. However, I will try to finish on time.

Title To be filled in, eventually ;-) Global optimizations in the Erlang compiler is a suitable working title.
Specification [pdf]
Project funder Ericsson Utvecklings AB
External supervisor   Björn Gustavsson,
Internal supervisor   Lennart Edblom,
Duration 1/8 1999 - 1/1 2000
Timeplan/Track of Progress   I don't see why they cannot be combined, do you?
Current status
  • Have turned in the specification to the departement coordinator of Master's Thesis projects
  • Have signed the contract between me and Ericsson Utvecklings AB
  • Will inquire about suitable literature for rainy days (have found some on my own though)
  • Have installed myself in a nice little office at Ericsson in Älvsjö (I share it with another Master's Thesis Worker, Robert Lundquist from DVP-Uppsala)
  • Have configured the window-manager and working enviroment of my Ericsson user very close to the state my student account had evolved to over the years since -93
  • Have brought a micro stereo system and one plant (will bring another one too)
  • This little list is outdated. Please consult the Timeplan/Track of Progress above instead.
Weblinks To be investigated, reflected upon, maybe sorted, but probably just discarded as irrelevant or redundant:

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