Esteban Guerrero

Computing science researcher

I am a computer scientist living in northern Sweden. My main interests are framed on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a special focus on knowledge representation, and non-monotonic reasoning. I am currently a fellow post-doc researcher at Computing Science department in Umea University (Sweden). I investigate rational agents and multi-agents using formal argumentation theory. Part of my formal contributions have been evaluated/tested in different application domains: sports science, health-care, ambient intelligence projects. 

Currently I am part of the User Interaction and Knowledge Modelling research group. I was member of Telematics Engineering research Group GIT at University of Cauca - Colombia and UNVirtual group at National University of Colombia. I was born in Ipiales a city in Nariño department, Colombia.

Hobbies: cycling (Vätternrundan) and cross country skiing (Vasaloppet)

Research interests

Autonomous agents-based systems

Agreement technologies: argumentation; collective decision making.

Non-monotonic reasoning

Relevant topics include: reasoning about uncertainty, possibility theory, fuzzy sets, argumentation systems and philosophical foundations of uncertain reasoning.

Practical reasoning

Software agent's reasoning directed towards actions. The process of figuring out what to do.

Human activity analysis

Recognition, evaluation and support of human activities using intelligent systems.





International Conferences

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August 2016

Ph.D. in Computing Science, Umeå University. Sweden. 2012-2016.

Title: Representing and reasoning about complex human activities. Advisor: Helena Lindgren, Juan Carlos Nieves.

September 2014

Ph. Licentiate in Computing Science, Umeå University. Sweden.

Title: Supporting human activity performance using argumentation-based technology. Advisor: Helena Lindgren, Juan Carlos Nieves.

June 2011

M.Sc. Master’s degree in Computer Science, Malmö University. Sweden.

Master thesis: Improved Selection Support of Transport Services in   Intermodal Transportation. Relevant topics: Reputation and QoS parameters in transportation. Advisor: Jan Persson.

August 2011

M.Sc. Master’s studies in Telematics Engineering, University of Cauca. Colombia.

Master thesis: Web service recovery based on discovery process personalization. Paper: “Web service retrieval based on non-functional properties” Tecnura Journal. Vol 16 (33): 100-116. 2012. Advisor: Juan Carlos Corrales.

June 2005

B.Eng. Bachelor degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering, University of Cauca. Colombia.

Thesis: TCP packaging compression for mobile networks. Topics: telecommunications, TCP protocol, compression, mobile networks. Advisor: Javier Hurtado.

December 2016

Data Science, Johns Hopkins University.

Coursera specialization. Courses:  Data Scientist’s Toolbox, R Programming. Certification 1, certification 2.